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  • Frauen  Empowerment

  • Mentoring

Ich habe umfangreiche internationale Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit Business-Frauen, selbständigen Unternehmerinnen und als Business-Mentorin.


Rund um das Thema “Als Frau erfolgreich im Beruf“ biete ich Workshops und Coaching und Vorträge.


  • Souveräne Kommunikation und authentisches Auftreten als Frau im Beruf

  • Selbstbewusst über sich und die eigenen Erfolge sprechen


  • Konstruktive Zusammenarbeit mit Männern und Frauen

  • Kommunikationsmuster und Motivatoren von Männern und Frauen verstehen

  • Sich durchsetzen als Frau in einem männlich dominierten Umfeld


  • Besondere Herausforderungen für Frauen in der Karriereplanung durch vielfältige Gender Gaps.​

  • Karrierecoaching

  • Berufliche Neuausrichtung

  • Wiedereinstieg in den Beruf

  • Stark in Gehaltsverhandlungen


  • Coaching für selbständige Unternehmerinnen

  • Herausforderungen in der Selbständigkeit souverän meistern

Alle Workshops, Coachings und Moderationen persönlich oder Online.

Startup Haus, Cairo, Egypt

Workshop “Women in entrepreneurship” for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs

Hadeer Elshater, Financial & Admin officer enpact e.V.

“I have attended two of her workshops, I liked how the fact that she is really knowledgeable and experienced doesn’t contradict with how she involves her attendees, She was well prepared and experienced about both topics (women in businesses) (leadership and team building).”

enpact e.V.

Start Up Mentoring by enpact

Business Mentor for Start Ups in East Africa, Tunisia and Europe, with a personal focus on female entrepreneurs.

Quentin Merelle, Regional Manager Africa:

“Gabriela is a mentor every organization would like to have in! The mentoring programme she was involved in is over. Yet, she is still actively engaged in our community and with other activities of our NGO. Where does she find all that energy? As much in Germany than in East Africa, she was very passionate, committed and professional in every step of the mentoring journey. Thank you!“

Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, Nairobi, Kenya


Workshop for business women in Nairobi

“It was a wonderful workshop. Thank you for talking us through it beautifully.”

“Thank you for bringing us together to share our struggles in business. Your analysis was on point and helpful. I got away with: stop fighting your fears, but see how to manage and live with them.”

“Hope there will be  redo of this soon.”

Kuch Khaas, Islamabad, Pakistan

* Team training

* Seminar for business women

Tülin Khalid-Azim, Senior Programs Manager:

“Gabriela came to do a workshops at Kuch Khaas in Islamabad, called “Communications for Women in Business. Gabriela – we can’t wait to have you back in Pakistan again!”

Olivia Z., Startup founder, Kigali, Rwanda 

”Thank you for helping me overcome my fears.”

Njoki M., Startup founder, Nairobi, Kenya

“Thank you for all your input in my business. May you continue to inspire and grow women everywhere you go?”

Messe Berlin, Germany

Workshop series “Being successful as a woman in business”

Frauenalia – Intercultural Working LAB

* Job application training

* Business coachingfor female Spanish speaking academics with a migration background

Startup Asia-Berlin

Workshops for female Indian entrepreneurs on intercultural communication and “Doing business in Germany”

Women’s representative at district office

Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf

Salary negotiation for women

Westtoer, Belgium

Training on communication and personal development for women in business

MUMM Berlin, Germany


* Workshops on empowerment and self-presentation

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