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I have extensive international experience working with corporates, SMEs, start-ups and as a business mentor in an intercultural environment.

I offer workshops and coaching on the topic:

Successful intercultural communication

  • Awareness of the own cultural imprint

  • Understanding different cultural value systems

  • Knowing potential areas of conflict and avoiding them skilfully

  • Leading intercultural teams

  • Team building in intercultural teams

  • Avoiding or sustainably solving conflicts in intercultural teams

Unconscious Bias

  • Unconscious Bias in companies and teams

  • Unconscious Bias in the recruiting process 

  • Toolbox for minimising Unconscious Bias

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All workshops, coaching and facilitations in person or online.

Testimonials + Projects

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Vienna Tourism, Austria

Workshops on intercultural competence in customer service for the teams of guest service

Bettina Molitor and Brigitte Weiss, Vienna Tourism:


„Gabriela ist bei unserem Team mit ihrer überaus sympathischen Art und ihrer kompetenten Präsentation sowie ihren hervorragenden Branchenkenntnissen sehr gut angekommen.

O-Ton einer Teilnehmerin “Sie weiß wovon sie spricht! Man merkt, dass sie jahrelang in dem Bereich gearbeitet hat! UNBEDINGT wieder buchen!” (absolutely book her again)“

Art Cities of Flanders, Belgium


Series of workshops on Intercultural Communication in Customer Service in 6 Belgian cities within a program to improvve service quality. With over 200 participants working in Customer Service in museums, sights and Tourist Information Offices.

Click here to see the feedback of the participants

Jana Kerremans, Manager Kunststeden Vlaanderen

“Gabriela is a dedicated trainer who brings out the best in people. Due to her patience, empathy and experience with front-line workers in tourism practice and customer service, she manages to make all participants feel at ease, welcome to speak their minds, and thus empower them and their colleagues. Gabriela starts from the participants’ point of view and work situation, and along the way manages to open their minds and to have them assess their professional situation.”

Hotel St.-Michaels-Heim Berlin, Germany

Team training on intercultural competence in customer service

Director Martina Nana Frisch:

“The intercultural seminar brought a wealth of information and convinced us because of an excellent preparation. Mrs. Schweinberger was able to explain cultural differences in a playful way. As we had booked in-house-seminar, we could dive into special questions regarding our business. I can highly recommend the seminar and plan to repeat it in a regular basis.”

San Sebastian Tourism, Spain

Workshops for theTeam of the Tourist Information Offices

*Intercultural Competence

culture.communications, Hannover

Intercultural training

for senior managers in administration departments

Konux, München, Germany

Workshop “Unconscious bias”

Startup Asia-Berlin
Workshops for female Indian entrepreneurs on intercultural communication and “Doing business in Germany”

Benefactors, Kigali, Rwanda

Teambuilding workshop in a intercultural team

Westtoer, Belgium

Series of workshops for Front Office staff and managers of tourism organisations in Westflanders, within a long-term program for improving service quality:

* Trainings on intercultural competence

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