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I have extensive international experience working with corporates, SMEs, start-ups and as a business mentor.


I offer team workshops, leadership workshops, coaching on-the-job and process facilitation on the topics:


  • Coaching for experienced and inexperienced managers

  • From team member to team leader

  • Leadership as a service - confident, effective, sustainable

  • Understanding and managing team motivation and team dynamics

  • Leadership at a distance

  • Team motivation in home office

  • Agile and value-based leadership

  • Constructive feedback as a motivating factor

  • Leading in conflict

  • Leading intercultural teams


  • Constructive and cooperative teamwork o Successful internal and external communication

  • Self-conception and external presentation of the team

  • Effective self-organisation in the team

  • Focus and stress reduction for remote work and home office

  • Avoid conflicts in the team or solve them sustainably

  • Dealing with counterproductive stress factors in the team

Process Facilitation

  • Moderation of reorientation and reorganisation processes

  • Reorganisation and future orientation of teams

All workshops, coaching and facilitations in person or online.

Testimonials + Projects

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Startup project Quantune Technologies, Berlin


Team coaching for a startup team “Communication and team roles”.

Oliver Supplie, Co-Founder and CTO Photonics:

“We enjoyed a perfect start-up team coaching with a well-prepared coach who analyzes the team and its dynamics thoroughly and provides individual communication strategies along with easily applicable yet efficiently working solutions. Thank you for an extremely helpful day!”

TT4G Mentoring program, Cairo, Egypt

Enpact and TUI Care Foundation

Workshop on Leadership and team building for startups

Hadeer Elshater, Financial & Admin officer enpact e.V.

“I have attended two of her workshops, I liked how the fact that she is really knowledgeable and experienced doesn’t contradict with how she involves her attendees, She was well prepared and experienced about both topics (women in businesses) (leadership and team building).”

enpact e.V.

Start Up Mentoring by enpact

Business Mentor for Start Ups in East Africa, Tunisia and Europe

Quentin Merelle, Regional Manager Africa:

“Gabriela is a mentor every organization would like to have in! The mentoring programme she was involved in is over. Yet, she is still actively engaged in our community and with other activities of our NGO. Where does she find all that energy? As much in Germany than in East Africa, she was very passionate, committed and professional in every step of the mentoring journey. Thank you!“

ToBaDaa, Cairo, Egypt

Team coaching for a start-up company

Ahmed Nasr, Founder @ToBadaa

“I was lucky to have Gabriela as a mentor during the TT4G accelerator in Cairo. She helped my team and me to understand how to be fit for the startup life as a team and to reach our goals. Highly recommended!“

K.I.T Group, Berlin

Team-Workshop within the scope of the employee satisfaction survey “Great Place to Work”

Hannah Dunham, Acting Head of Div. Programme&Content:

“We were thrilled with the workshop that Gabriela led. She quickly and expertly assessed our goals in a pre-workshop meeting in which she actively listened and adapted a plan for our team. With a variety of dynamic tasks, she brought out the best in our international colleagues and ensured that everyone interacted and gave their feedback in a constructive manner. She was professional, flexible and exceeded our high expectations. We highly recommend Gabriela for any group workshop.”

Medical practice team,

Berlin, Germany


*Mediation in conflicts

Medical practice manager:

„Herzlichen Dank für Ihre gute Arbeit, für die Schaffung des geschützten Raumes für unser Team, für die wertvollen Aufgaben und Ihre professionelle Moderation.“

Kuch Khaas, Islamabad, Pakistan

* Team training

Tülin Khalid-Azim, Senior Programs Manager:

“Gabriela came to do a team-building session at Kuch Khaas in Islamabad, with the whole Kuch Khaas Team. We loved Gabriela’s amazing insights, all delivered in an engaging and fun way. She made the whole team REconnect, which is crucial.  We can’t .thank her enough for the care and effort she put into the training. She did some amazing spirit-boosting exercises and had insights that made us truly realise the wisdom she was sharing with us. We felt empowered, and we felt the great benefit for the whole team. Gabriela – we can’t wait to have you back in Pakistan again!”

City partnership Treptow-Köpenick/Cajamarca-Peru, Germany

StäPa Köpenick-Peru

* Workshop on Communication

Reference of team StäPa:

„Unser Feedback war unheimlich positiv. Alle Anwesenden beurteilten den Workshop als Erfolg und sehr hilfreich. Die Moderatorin leitete sympathisch, methodisch durchdacht und mit viel Sachverstand die Veranstaltung. Sie beförderte wichtige Einsichten für die AG-Arbeit. Zum Abschluss gab es verbindliche Aufgabenfelder mit Verantwortlichkeit Einzelner. […] Wir sind jetzt wieder voller Elan und zufrieden.“

Benefactors, Kigali, Rwanda

Team building workshop in a intercultural team

Stuttgart Region, Germany

*Leadership Training

Faircoach, Germany

Workshops for managers “Leading in conflict”

Zürich Convention Bureau, Switzerland

Workshop “Effective conversation techniques”

Chromotek Munich, Germany

 * Executive Coaching

 * Leadership Coaching

GO-Bio Founders Campaign Biotechnology, Germany

Projektträger JülichBundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF

GO-Bio Founders Dialogue

Lecture on “Coaching in all phases of the development of a company”

Tian Gong Institute Berlin, Germany

Tian Gong Institute

Team workshop on reorganisation and business focus

MAX 2001 Berlin, Germany

Trainings for team and teamleader of the BERLIN Stores

MB Capital Services, Berlin, Germany

Several Team-Workshops within the scope of the employee satisfaction survey “Great Place to Work”

Messe Berlin, Germany

* Team trainings

* Workshop moderation for different teams

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