Hintergrund Vita

Offers worlwide in 5 languages

For Service Providers, Tourist Information Offices, DMOs,  Hotels and other

Consulting, Lectures, Team trainings, Work flow evaluation, Coaching, Coaching-on-the-job:

  • Motivated teams with a strong focus on the customer
  • Achieving and measuring Service Excellence
  • Connecting Selling and Service the easy way
  • Successful Intercultural Communication in customer Service


For all industries:

Team trainings, Workshops, Seminars, Lectures, Coaching, Coaching-on-the-job:

Leadership – modern, confident, effective, lasting
  • Self-motivation and motivation of staff
  • Understanding and managing team motivation and team dynamics
  • Leading in conflicts
Women in business
  • Empowerment and professional success for women
  • Understanding communication patterns and motivators of women and men
  • Preparing for job interviews and difficult negotiations
Successfull intercutural communication
  • Awareness of the own cultural imprint
  • Understanding other cultural value systems
  • Knowledge about potential conflict areas

Unconscious Bias

  • Dealing with unconscious bias in companies
  • Unconscious bias in the recruiting process
  • Toolbox to minimize negative effects

Personal developement

  • Development of future visions and decisions in personal life
  • Overcoming changes in life with joy and ease
Coaching face-to-face, by phone and by Skype.

Offer for trainers:

  • Preparing for job interviews and difficult negotiations Individual support with concept and personal preparation of interactive workshops, seminars and trainings.Creative methods and a confident performance for thrilling and successful events.




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