Hintergrund Coaching

Some information about me…

As a business coach, trainer, mentor and consultant I’m working for companies and business professionals world-wide, for SMEs as well as for Startups.

My core topics are

    • excellent customer service
    • modern leadership and team motivation
    • cross-cultural communication
    • Unconscious Bias
    • successful women in business.

    All of these topics can be combined with each other.

    All my work is done in an interactive way with creative methods. Besides the valuable insights my clients gain while working with me, I help them to transfere those into their day-to-day life. And I always make sure there is a great deal of fun included!

    Many years I’ve worked as a divisional director, where I was responsible for strategy, projects, budget, staff and executive development, as well as for quality management in customer services.

    I also volunteered as a Mentor for numerous Startups, for ex in East Africa, and as a chairperson of the Tourist Information Offices working group for European Cities Marketing.

    I work in my mother tongue German and also in English, Spanish, Italian and French. I also speak Dutsch and quite some Turkish.

    And what can I do for you?

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