True story of a woman in business – interviews around the globe – No.2

Logo klein -arabisch neuMagda*, 31, born in Romania, living in Czech Republic.

Post doctoral researcher of sociology at university.

Magda, what do you like in your job?
That I’m part of an European project at the university I work for. In the beginning I worked for the project for free but now I get paid for it.
I like the people I work with. I have a lot of independence and flexibility in my work hours and a higher degree of autonomy as a researcher than +average. I have some mobility so I can travel to conferences.
What do you dislike?
I’m part of a highly bureaucratic institution. We are a research center within a faculty which means a lot of paperwork. I highly dislike that! Also because of that bureaucracy I’m not as mobile as I should be as a researcher. In Czech Republic there is still a lot of formalism and stereotypes and an old school way of handling work relationships that I don’t like. I apreciate flexibility a lot! Things could be handled better and the institute would progress more if work relationships would be better.
We lack a strategy and a long term plan. There is also a lack of efficient communication and a lot of last minute information which is counterproductive.
What is your highest goal?
I would love to work without pressure and stress to deliver a better quality of results. And in addititon develop parallel alternative projects that will monetize some day.
A second goal is to do something which doesn’t envolve me looking at a screen writing reports. I want to work with people, I want to work in nature and do things with my own hands – and I want to sing!
I know that you have a different idea of work, pease tell me about it!
Well I’m mainly reffering to Bob Black, an anachist, who talks about the abolition of work. The basic idea is that we shouldn’t be forced to work. The concept of doing things for money is dehumanising. We shouldn’t do things bcause we need to survive but we should do things we are good at and we enjoy to do them. Capitalism is making us unhappy, unhealthy and sucking all our energy, with which we could use doing other stuff which really suits us. I think many of us are caught in jobs, loosing our potemtial because we feel we have no alternative and we lack courage. The whole system in which we are living is discouraging us and puts a lot of barriers to prevent that we do what we really like.
That’s a nice therory but how could it be put into practise?
In an ideal world we wouldn’t have capitalism any more. Everybody would just grow local products according to their needs. A much more human way of life and people could direct most of their energy in whatever ceative activity which makes them happy. People would not just hang around, they would do the things they enjoy. They won’t do that for money but because they enjoy doing it. We should be able to have our basic needs covered without working much – and definitely not 8 hours a day 5 days a week!
And who does the dirty work?
Well my personal solution ist to live in a small community which is self sustainable and can grow it’s own food. So I would participate in that, and half of my time I would do more sophisticated things I also like, such as research.
I’m not sure how this would work on a bigger scale, it’s just my personal solution for the future.
Here’s the link to a video from Bob Black

Thank you Magda for sharing your thoughts!


*Name changed

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