26. March 2014
by globalwomenatwork

The art of making business in Turkey

KöekWLÖHere’s a little lesson about making business in Turkey:

Before I went to Istanbul this time, I wrote emails to many, many people I wanted to meet. I must admit that those people haven’t ever seen me so I was not very lucky in getting answers. But doesn’t matter because I learnt some important lessons:

1. Be patient when making contacts in Turkey.

2. Emails don’t really work. Turkish people want to see you face to face and talk to you. If they can’t look into your eyes, they are not interested and tend not to trust you.

3. Other than Germans, Turkish people don’t like to make appointments, they prefer to be flexible on that, so you better go there directly and surprise them. They will not say no to you once you show up but offer you a cup of tea.

4. Istanbul is so big, distances are long and people are overloaded with business opportunities. So you  might focus on smaller Turkish cities to be successful.

5. Turkish business people are very competitive. It costs them to understand that someone is just interested in making good contacts and sharing knowledge, where maybe in the end stands a benefit for both parties – or just a nice cup of tea.

6. Once they have seen you and talked to you, they are the nicest people on earth and put you in contact asap with friends and family members to make sure you will succeed in your business!

Well this was what happened in the end and so I finally had some really nice and  interesting encounters.

7. August 2013
by globalwomenatwork

A facebook group for women in business worldwide.

I just founded a new group on Facebook named “Global Women at Work”.

The purpose of this group is to discuss work related topics among working women around the world. Interaction and beneficial discussions are very welcome. The group is for women who want to make a difference at work. Who want nothing less than help to make our world a better place! Women who want to share – their knowledge, experience, excitement and success but also their fear, hope, thoughts and many questions – about their own work situation. The group is also for discussing work environment and leadership topics in general.It should be a welcoming place for ALL working women, not just for successful leaders but also for women who just started their career or who are facing changes and difficulties. It should to be a global network for women supporting, consulting and mentoring each other.
A network for sharing, learning and teaching. A network beyond countries, languages, politics, religion and status.

That’s my dream – nothing more but nothing less!

If you want to be a part of the group, please got to Facebook and join us here:

Global Woman at Work