19. August 2014
by globalwomenatwork

Seminar on Intercultural Competence

New offer for teams of Tourist Information Offices

When in Rome do as the Romans do

Intercultural competence is the ability to interact with individuals and groups of different cultures. You perceive the foreign culture as such and consciously embrace the differences.

Communication between people from different cultures is difficult because of the language issue on one hand and the imprint of our individual cultural influence on the other hand. This often leads to problems and misunderstanding because most of the time we don’t know anything about the communication habits of our counterpart. Those misunderstandings occure in verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal communication as well. Thus for intercultural competence it’s crucial to be aware of these different levels.

That’s a burning issue for teams in Tourist information Offices because they deal with international customers on a daily basis, minute after minute. In very short time they have to respond to all the respective communication levels, which requires a high degree of empathy and intercultural competence. While we treat every single customer friendly and confidently and try to find a common language, we have to be aware of our own cultural imprint and communication patterns at the same time.

To make sure your employees in the tourist information office will master this balancing act with ease, I’m offering special trainings on this topic, carried out as a one-day workshop.

The seminar can be held in German, English, Spanish, Italian or French.

For further information please contact me here: http://www.gabrielaschweinberger.com/en/contact/