14. January 2014
by globalwomenatwork

Why women should aim for leading positions.


In my numerous coachings and interviews with young women, many of them told me that they didn’t want to be one of those „shit bosses“ and that’s why they are not that much into career.

At that point I always ask them about their idea of a „shit boss“

and after that about the qualities they would say a „good boss“ should have. It turns out that they have a clear idea of what a good boss should be like, describing it with Continue Reading →

26. August 2013
by globalwomenatwork

True story of a woman in business – interviews around the globe – No.2

Logo klein -arabisch neuMagda*, 31, born in Romania, living in Czech Republic.

Post doctoral researcher of sociology at university.

Magda, what do you like in your job?
That I’m part of an European project at the university I work for. In the beginning I worked for the project for free but now I get paid for it.
I like the people I work with. I have a lot of independence and flexibility in my Continue Reading →

24. August 2013
by globalwomenatwork

True story of a women in business – interviews around the globe

Logo groß - arabisch neuSome time ago I started to do interviews with Turkish women in business because I wanted to learn more about their specific situation.
As a Coach, Trainer and Consultant  who works in different countries and in different languages, of course I need to know the problems and concerns.of my potential clients. AND I DID!

The questionnaire was really long, 46 questions! But the response was amazing and I Continue Reading →