1. July 2014
by globalwomenatwork

Postcards of my life

20140701_231501-1I guess most of you know those ad-postcards with funny, thoughtful or even absurd sayings which you can find in many bars and restaurants. Well sometimes it happens that one of these postcards especially catch your attention because they touch your heart and you feel that they had been put there just for you to find them. It happened to me several times in my life and here is what they told me.

It first happened when I had just started a new and very prestigious job. I was happy but often it felt as if I would collapse with all the challenges and problems I had to face every single day. This was when the first postcard came into my life and it said nothing less then:

“There is a solution for any problem.”

I placed the card right on my desk and each time I looked at it I knew it was right. I just needed patience and self-confidence.

I succeeded in my career and life was good.

Who would have thought that after many years I felt that I was stuck in my job. I was at a turning point of my career but it felt so bad to let go. I was so sad, angry and disappointed when my eyes glanced the 2nd postcard of my life:

“If your horse is dead, get off!”

Finally I knew it was time to go.

I made a plan and decided to start from scratch. When you are 50 years old of course you don’t make such a decision lightheartedly and I felt a lot of incertitude and fear. What gave me a lot of strength during that time was the saying on the 3rd postcard of my life:

“Whatever you can do or you’re dreaming of doing, start it now!”

So I started – and my dream came true.

Today I’m a successful business coach and trainer working internationally and I’m happy every day about my decision.

Now you might ask yourself what’s the postcard of my new life. I’ll tell you. It’s this one and it hits my nerve every single day:

“Age is not an issue, unless you are a cheese.” :)

4. May 2014
by globalwomenatwork

Most behavioural business advices are made for men


Found at: Leaders for tomorrow

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation? WRONG !
I think many of the behavioural advices in business are made for men but not that much for women. Look at this one on for example.
Women should definitley care much more about their reputation than they mostly do. Your boss, your colleagues, your empolyees and business partners are watching you all the time and they want to see you strong and self assure. They want you to give them the impression that their projects, problems, ideas and matters are in good hands.

A good impression and reputiation is the way to success, not a good character! A good character is important but don’t be stupid, ladies,show off a bit! :)

15. April 2014
by globalwomenatwork

Shared responsibilities in partnership

20140415_134426Recently I was talking to several couples with children where both partners are working. Most of the men said things like: “I’m totally into gender equality. I help and support her as much as I can, but she‘s never satisfied.”

While the women were going crazy saying things like: “All responsibility is on me. If I don’t control everything, things will go totally wrong.” So why these different perceptions?

I think the core of the problem is that: to help and to support someone sounds pretty nice but in fact it includes the idea that the other one is responsible for the whole of it and just needs some help.

While this is just supporting the same old idea of women being responsible for the wellbeing of the family. And most women take this responsibility just as if it was normal. That makes that they constantly feel going crazy by the overload of daily tasks and a strong need to ask for help where there should be no help but real shared responsibility. Because the one helping is always the generous one while the other one should be thankful.

Doesn’t that sound weird in a true partnership?

26. March 2014
by globalwomenatwork

The art of making business in Turkey

KöekWLÖHere’s a little lesson about making business in Turkey:

Before I went to Istanbul this time, I wrote emails to many, many people I wanted to meet. I must admit that those people haven’t ever seen me so I was not very lucky in getting answers. But doesn’t matter because I learnt some important lessons:

1. Be patient when making contacts in Turkey.

2. Emails don’t really work. Turkish people want to see you face to face and talk to you. If they can’t look into your eyes, they are not interested and tend not to trust you.

3. Other than Germans, Turkish people don’t like to make appointments, they prefer to be flexible on that, so you better go there directly and surprise them. They will not say no to you once you show up but offer you a cup of tea.

4. Istanbul is so big, distances are long and people are overloaded with business opportunities. So you  might focus on smaller Turkish cities to be successful.

5. Turkish business people are very competitive. It costs them to understand that someone is just interested in making good contacts and sharing knowledge, where maybe in the end stands a benefit for both parties – or just a nice cup of tea.

6. Once they have seen you and talked to you, they are the nicest people on earth and put you in contact asap with friends and family members to make sure you will succeed in your business!

Well this was what happened in the end and so I finally had some really nice and  interesting encounters.

2. February 2014
by globalwomenatwork

Dealing with “toxic” people in your life.

Zwischenablage03Long time ago, I think I was 19 years old, I decided to stop letting “toxic” people into my life.

This required a huge effort because the concerning person I considered to be my friend for long time. But every time I met her, I felt miserable because of her behavior towards me. Once my decision was made I felt a great relieve.

During all my life, from time to time, I felt that I had to repeat that action with different people in my life and always felt my decision was right and helped me to mature and to live my life like I think it is good for me.

At the same time I understood that it was ME, my very own fault, not to listen to my gut feeling when accepting those peoples “love” and “friendship”. Most of the Continue Reading →

14. January 2014
by globalwomenatwork

Why women should aim for leading positions.


In my numerous coachings and interviews with young women, many of them told me that they didn’t want to be one of those „shit bosses“ and that’s why they are not that much into career.

At that point I always ask them about their idea of a „shit boss“

and after that about the qualities they would say a „good boss“ should have. It turns out that they have a clear idea of what a good boss should be like, describing it with Continue Reading →

6. November 2013
by globalwomenatwork

How you’ll benefit from creating a good team atmosphere.

asäaToday I came across this one posted by a friend. Originally it’s meant to be about family relation ships. But I thought that this may fit for leadership skills, too:

Give wings to the people who work with you – make them big taking into account they might fly away. But until they fly away you’ll profit from their excellentwork work and high motivation for a while, instead of having people around youall the time who feel small. And maybe they don’t fly away that qucikly because they appreciate working with you.

Give them reasons to stay – understand your own role in the team as a leader and be Continue Reading →

22. October 2013
by globalwomenatwork

The ups and downs of working from home

FreedoChange + responsibilitym of choice of working hours was one of the most important factors in my decision to be self employed. I’m a night owl and always hated to get up early for work. So I immediately started to work at night hours and extended those hours every day until I suddenly noticed the sun was rising, and that it didn’t make sense at all what I was doing. My clients sleep at night and they were working while I was sleeping. So I had to adept my own rhythm to the habits of my clients at least a bit.

I also had to admit that I was not as productive at night as I thought I would be, because naturally I became tired. So after some weeks of feeling absolute freedom Continue Reading →

5. October 2013
by globalwomenatwork

Align yourself with people who support your growth.

growth“I align myself with people who support my growth…If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along.” – Wayne Dyer

That’s very important to consider if you are on your bumpy road to success!

We have to understand, that other people have their own ideas, concerns, worries, fears and goal and sometimes they project them on our lives. That’s not their fault, they mostly want the best for us.

But we have to distinguish right from wrong for our own life!

5. October 2013
by globalwomenatwork

Leading your team in difficult times.

SchwieirgkeitenLeading your team in difficult times is a really BIG challenge where you can show if you are worth to be called an  extraordinary leader.

When your team needs you more then ever it’s your turn to show confidence and loyalty towards them and to point out to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay calm and be generous, it will pay off on long term!

Here are some good tips who may help you through the tough time:  Seven top tips for leading through incertainity

4. October 2013
by globalwomenatwork

The joy of living your live as you dream it.

ImageThis one goes to all the women who are stuck in the decision whether to make the big step of their life (into incertitude and happyness) or to stay where they are (full of safety and discontent). I know several of them.

Yes, I’m talking to you  :) 

My advice: Dare to do it! The joy of living your live as you dream it is unbelievable and will compensate all possible difficulties!

2. October 2013
by globalwomenatwork

Some thoughts about dress code for job interviews.

DresscodeIn my former position as a director of customer services I conducted hundreds of job interviews with any kind of people. One thing I especially remember were the very young candidates who pretended to be business women and men.

The young guys mostly showed up in suits which didn’t fit to their figure at all, often totally unshaped. They tried to look like professionals but they just looked sad and small in their big suits. I can understand they didn’t have money to buy a really fitting and maybe more expensive suit, but I would have preferred them to show up in a more casual outfit, perfectly fitting, clean and tidy with a simple design. This way I would have had the Continue Reading →

29. August 2013
by globalwomenatwork

How to improve as a leader through staff satisfaction survey

surveySome years ago when I was still quite new and unexperienced in my position as a manager, my boss suggested me to carry out an anonymous staff satisfaction survey to evaluate my personal leadership qualities. By then I was responsable for around 60 people, among them were five team leaders who should be the ones to judge on my abilities.

I knew there were tensions between me an my team and I didn’t quite understand which were the reasons behind. So I was incredibly worried and Continue Reading →

7. August 2013
by globalwomenatwork

A facebook group for women in business worldwide.

I just founded a new group on Facebook named “Global Women at Work”.

The purpose of this group is to discuss work related topics among working women around the world. Interaction and beneficial discussions are very welcome. The group is for women who want to make a difference at work. Who want nothing less than help to make our world a better place! Women who want to share – their knowledge, experience, excitement and success but also their fear, hope, thoughts and many questions – about their own work situation. The group is also for discussing work environment and leadership topics in general.It should be a welcoming place for ALL working women, not just for successful leaders but also for women who just started their career or who are facing changes and difficulties. It should to be a global network for women supporting, consulting and mentoring each other.
A network for sharing, learning and teaching. A network beyond countries, languages, politics, religion and status.

That’s my dream – nothing more but nothing less!

If you want to be a part of the group, please got to Facebook and join us here:

Global Woman at Work