1. July 2014
by globalwomenatwork

Postcards of my life

20140701_231501-1I guess most of you know those ad-postcards with funny, thoughtful or even absurd sayings which you can find in many bars and restaurants. Well sometimes it happens that one of these postcards especially catch your attention because they touch your heart and you feel that they had been put there just for you to find them. It happened to me several times in my life and here is what they told me.

It first happened when I had just started a new and very prestigious job. I was happy but often it felt as if I would collapse with all the challenges and problems I had to face every single day. This was when the first postcard came into my life and it said nothing less then:

“There is a solution for any problem.”

I placed the card right on my desk and each time I looked at it I knew it was right. I just needed patience and self-confidence.

I succeeded in my career and life was good.

Who would have thought that after many years I felt that I was stuck in my job. I was at a turning point of my career but it felt so bad to let go. I was so sad, angry and disappointed when my eyes glanced the 2nd postcard of my life:

“If your horse is dead, get off!”

Finally I knew it was time to go.

I made a plan and decided to start from scratch. When you are 50 years old of course you don’t make such a decision lightheartedly and I felt a lot of incertitude and fear. What gave me a lot of strength during that time was the saying on the 3rd postcard of my life:

“Whatever you can do or you’re dreaming of doing, start it now!”

So I started – and my dream came true.

Today I’m a successful business coach and trainer working internationally and I’m happy every day about my decision.

Now you might ask yourself what’s the postcard of my new life. I’ll tell you. It’s this one and it hits my nerve every single day:

“Age is not an issue, unless you are a cheese.” :)