Dealing with “toxic” people in your life.

Zwischenablage03Long time ago, I think I was 19 years old, I decided to stop letting “toxic” people into my life.

This required a huge effort because the concerning person I considered to be my friend for long time. But every time I met her, I felt miserable because of her behavior towards me. Once my decision was made I felt a great relieve.

During all my life, from time to time, I felt that I had to repeat that action with different people in my life and always felt my decision was right and helped me to mature and to live my life like I think it is good for me.

At the same time I understood that it was ME, my very own fault, not to listen to my gut feeling when accepting those peoples “love” and “friendship”. Most of the time there were highly visible indicators from the beginning, which I just overlooked because I wanted to be loved. So I sooner or later I had to deal with the results of my own behavior.

Now what does “toxic” mean to you, has to be defined by yourself and can be totally different for another person. But your gut will tell you – if you listen!

Sometimes we can’t stop meeting a person who results “intoxicating” our life, because it might also be a family member. Then we should at least try to reduce the contact to a tolerable limit (for us). Take in mind that even our parents and brothers are normal people with issues. Yes, we should love and respect them but only to a limit which doesn’t damage our own happiness!

On the other hand, dealing with “toxic” people in business can mean not to accept a contract or to reject a customer just because it will give your life less stress and tension on a long term. It might also mean to talk things out clearly with a colleague you can’t avoid working with and to set your limits and conditions clearly!

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