Why women should aim for leading positions.


In my numerous coachings and interviews with young women, many of them told me that they didn’t want to be one of those „shit bosses“ and that’s why they are not that much into career.

At that point I always ask them about their idea of a „shit boss“

and after that about the qualities they would say a „good boss“ should have. It turns out that they have a clear idea of what a good boss should be like, describing it with words such as: reliable, understanding, fair, assertive, courageous, communicative, even-tempered, personally interested in his/her staff as individuals.

My answer to such a credo mainly is: „People like you, who have such a clear vision of what makes a leader a good leader, should be more ambitious and absolutely aim for a leading position. Leaving the field to others who are ego-driven and just want to promote themselves is no option at all. This world needs women with a female vision on leadership in order make work place a place where you would really like to work and to implement women related interests. Go for it!“

Here is an interesting article I found related to this topic:

7 reasons employees don’t trist their leaders


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