How you’ll benefit from creating a good team atmosphere.

asäaToday I came across this one posted by a friend. Originally it’s meant to be about family relation ships. But I thought that this may fit for leadership skills, too:

Give wings to the people who work with you – make them big taking into account they might fly away. But until they fly away you’ll profit from their excellentwork work and high motivation for a while, instead of having people around youall the time who feel small. And maybe they don’t fly away that qucikly because they appreciate working with you.

Give them reasons to stay – understand your own role in the team as a leader and be a role model . It’s your responsibility to make everybody feel appreciated for what he does. Also be accessible, reliable and predictable for your team. Learn to say „I was wrong“ and „I changed my mind because..“ and „let’s find a solution together“.

Give them a reason to come back – yes, sometimes employees come back when they notice that they were better off at their former job. But more often you’ll find them working with your business partners, as your competitors or as your client. If you managed to create a good working atmosphere during their time in your team, The’ll not forget that and you’ll definitely profit from a good atmosphere working with them in the future.

You always meet twice in life – what goes around comes around!

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