The ups and downs of working from home

FreedoChange + responsibilitym of choice of working hours was one of the most important factors in my decision to be self employed. I’m a night owl and always hated to get up early for work. So I immediately started to work at night hours and extended those hours every day until I suddenly noticed the sun was rising, and that it didn’t make sense at all what I was doing. My clients sleep at night and they were working while I was sleeping. So I had to adept my own rhythm to the habits of my clients at least a bit.

I also had to admit that I was not as productive at night as I thought I would be, because naturally I became tired. So after some weeks of feeling absolute freedom of work hours I started to put my alarm clock again, but just 1 hour later than in my former life.

But now it was MY decision and I was happy with it!

And then something strange happened: I started to go to bed earlier than ever before and getting up early to enjoy daylight while working. If anybody would have told me 2 yours before, I would have called him nuts. Well, that’s my rhythm now and I’m happy! But from time to time, when I’m in the flow while working, it still happens that I go back to my old habits and it’s ok, too.

I also found myself (and often still do) at 4pm sitting in my pyjamas, working from the kitchen table. It gives me a sense of freedom which I enjoy VERY much! But I had to do something about it so not to run wild completely . I decided to give some structure to my work life. Now I have at least one scheduled meeting every day outside my home before 1pm. All my tasks of the day are in my calender and I try to follow them just if I was still in my former office.

Another „problem“ was that I worked a lot but it didn’t feel like work. I do what I love and it feels like fun, which gave me the impression not to work seriously but just spending time in things of no importance. So I started to take notes in my calender of what I had done every hour such as: „2pm-4pm research on internet on clients I would like to work with“. I did that for 4 month and noticed, that I had been working just the same time in total as before in „real office life“. The difference was, that now I decided on my own WHEN to work and when having creative breaks like Facebook, real books etc. Very often I worked even more. Once I knew that, I stopped the review and trusted my gut feeling.

Now after nearly 2 years of working from home I can say, I still love it very much! I have my ups and downs in being motivated and get shit done – but hey, it’s part of the freedom I was longing for!

Today a friend of mine and also working from home, psoted an interesting article she had found about this topic, so I decided to share my own experience. Here is the article:

How having rituals will allow you to be more creative

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