Some thoughts about dress code for job interviews.

DresscodeIn my former position as a director of customer services I conducted hundreds of job interviews with any kind of people. One thing I especially remember were the very young candidates who pretended to be business women and men.

The young guys mostly showed up in suits which didn’t fit to their figure at all, often totally unshaped. They tried to look like professionals but they just looked sad and small in their big suits. I can understand they didn’t have money to buy a really fitting and maybe more expensive suit, but I would have preferred them to show up in a more casual outfit, perfectly fitting, clean and tidy with a simple design. This way I would have had the feeling meeting „real“ person instead of a dress-up doll. I felt sorry for them!

As for the women, they either tried to look as sexy or as boring as can be and either ways speaks a lot about your personality. As a woman you should focus on being able to stand on both your feet and to walk without loosing balance. Your whole body should speak confidence. That’s very difficult in ultra High Heels. Also a deep décolleté is an eye-catchers – always! Even women would tend to look at it all the time just because it’s irritating. I noticed that especially women who were not sure about their professional competences, tried to use sexyness as an advantage. But on long-term it will turn into a disadvantage for you, that’s for sure.

If you want to be taken seriously, don’t show your boops but focus on the beauty inside your brain!

At the same time all my interview partners got a clear feedback from me as a gift for their life and their were really grateful for that!

It’s very important that you don’t go to your job-Interview neither overdressed nor underdressed. Try to meet the dress code of the company you are going to apply for a job. People love to employ people who are alike them – at least they should look like they are. But on the other hand if you show up to a job interview dressed as somebody you are not in you real life, it will be so much harder to convince the person in front of you that you are a strong, self-confident problem-solver.

Here’s an american article about dress code for Job-interviews:

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