How to overcome fears on your way to be an etrepreneur.

FearI really like the graphic below because that’s what I personally went through while becoming an entrepreneur. I was literally worried about ALL those things!

I noticed that I was surrounded by 2 types of people: the ones who were even more worried about my future than me, like family and some friends, and the ones who also knew me from a professional environment like colleagues, business partners, my trainer coach and some more friends.

I figured out that several people just projected their own fears on my situation without considering I was not them. So with the time I learned to say: „Thanks for telling me all the bad stuff which can happen, now either tell me how you think it could work or just keep your thoughts for yourself“.

I experienced that it was super important to me to be surrounded by positive and supportive people because concerns I had enough myself. Believing in what supportive people would recommend me was much more helpful to make me believe in myself and stay relaxed towards my future.

I learned that in the end it’s useless to be worried. You can’t predict much anyway, you can just do your best with the knowledge and experience you already have. Don’t waste your time in worrying but use it to get information and to visualize your future going through all possible phases. Make a plan, activate your network and don’t be shy to talk to successful people,

Your gut feeling is essential! And this one helps a lot: Fake it until you make it – anyway all others do believe that you’ll be able to make it happen!

Credits for the graphic go to Founders and FoundersImage

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