How to improve as a leader through staff satisfaction survey

surveySome years ago when I was still quite new and unexperienced in my position as a manager, my boss suggested me to carry out an anonymous staff satisfaction survey to evaluate my personal leadership qualities. By then I was responsable for around 60 people, among them were five team leaders who should be the ones to judge on my abilities.

I knew there were tensions between me an my team and I didn’t quite understand which were the reasons behind. So I was incredibly worried and afraid that the outcome would be that I’m not as good as a leader as I wanted to be. I tried to convince my boss that it was a bad idea and that everything would go worse once they would speak out anonymously what they really think. But my boss was a good guy and much more experienced than me so he gave me strength and reassured me that whatever would be the outcome, it would help to change things for good for me and my team. And he was right! The survey was a big surprise. Problems were discovered I was not aware of and which could be resolved easily. My team was not working against me, they just wanted to be treated with respect and be acknowledged for what they did, in a way I hadn’t that done that yet.

I don’t say that such a survey means that the employees are right with anything, it’s also just their own opinion of how things should go, looking for their own benefit.

But what I can definitely say is that this survey was a big step forward in my personal development as a leader. It allowed me to have deep insights in my staffs feelings and needs at work. And it opened the way for a much better teamwork – a teamwork which includes the leader. I’m still grateful for this incredibly helpful experience!

So I would really like to encourage you do something similar and not to be afraid! The result will in any case help you to be a better leader.

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