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Logo groß - arabisch neuSome time ago I started to do interviews with Turkish women in business because I wanted to learn more about their specific situation.
As a Coach, Trainer and Consultant  who works in different countries and in different languages, of course I need to know the problems and concerns.of my potential clients. AND I DID!

The questionnaire was really long, 46 questions! But the response was amazing and I learned so many interesting things, absolutely surprising to me.
So when I started the Facebook group Global Women at Work. I thought it would be interesting to do more interviews with women from different countries – short once to keep them fun! My aim is that the women in the group will get to know other members and to learn about the life of many different women in other countries.
From my point of view it’s also important not just to post interesting work related topics, but also to have a human aspect to keep the group interesting and “alive”. I want to reduce the distance between the members in order to make them feel they are really welcome and invited to participate, and to feel that they are a part of something great!

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