True story of a woman in business – interviews around the globe – No.1

Logo klein -arabisch neuAndrea, 54, Born and living in Berlin/Germany.

Head of Product Management and Assistant to Management at a Tour Operator and Incoming Agency.

Andrea, what do you like in your job?

What I like the most is the responsibility and flexibility I have in my job. I’m very happy to have the chance to participate in our development-oriented business. I like that I’m able to make decisions by agreement of the management It’s a good motivation to know the management has trust in me.

What do you dislike?

Working under stress! This is not very helpful, this sometimes is detrimental to motivation.

Is there anything in your job you would like to change?

As I took over the new responsibility in December I am highly motivated and at present I would not like to change anything – except the working hours. A bit less working hours would be great.

What is your highest goal?

I wish to have the chance to work with this company until I retire. That would be great.

Do you think men and women in Germany get paid equally for doing the same job?

I think there is a strong imbalance regarding the salary – women generally receive less salary for the same job.

What do you think makes a boss a good boss?

The most important thing is listening what to the employees and also make suggestions (for their development for ex.). It is also necessary to trust in the staff, to let them participate in decisions and one should never forget to give appropriate compliments to the staff.

Do you think there is any difference in male or female bosses?

I think female bosses often meet with opposition and also have to fight against prejudices. That’s the reason why often female bosses think they have to work harder than male bosses.

Which kind of difficulties female bosses have to face in the country you work in?

Although doing a great job female bosses mostly earn less money but have to work more and harder than male bosses.

What would you like to be if age, money and place would have no relevance?

If I would not have to take care of nothing I would love to have my own garden to “go local”, means only using own fruits and vegetable. And I would very much love to have an animal farm for those animals that have had a bad, a poor life. Just to give them the chance to live a better life. That’s not only my dream, I dream this dream together with my husband.

Thanks for the interview, Andrea! Have a nice weekend!

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